GENERAL RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF RENTAL Milan Adventurent Srl a Socio Unico, having its registered office in Milan, Via Venezuela 10, P.Iva 10886980969, tel. +393489278331 (hereinafter MILANO ADVENTURENT) is the owner of the Motorcycle that is rented to you under the Rental Agreement.MILANO ADVENTURENT Rental Agreement means the agreement entered into with MILANO ADVENTURENT for the rental of the Motorcycle and consists of: (a) MILAN ADVENTURENT Rental Agreement (Rental Agreement); and (b) these Rental Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions).
You certify that: you possess a valid driver’s license that is appropriate to drive the class of motorcycle you have chosen;the aforementioned is valid for the duration of the Rental Period;you possess passport(if a foreign national) or identification card;you possess document proving your current residential address;you are not under 18 years of age;you alone are responsible for the operation of the motorcycle.1 .1 You must provide a valid photo license or a valid international license written in English or translated into English showing approval for the type and size of motorcycle requested, plus other identification (e.g., ID card, passport, etc.). It is also necessary to provide a credit card in the renter’s name, with sufficient plafond to cover the security deposit, in the absence of such driver’s license or the predetermined amount, it will not be possible to deliver the vehicle.In some cases, at MILAN ADVENTURENT’s discretion, it will be possible to subscribe for an additional policy to reduce the amount of the security deposit.1.2 The renter agrees not to provide false personal details and to relieve MILAN ADVENTURENT from any consequence related to false statements of the renter. 1.3 You and each passenger acknowledge and understand that helmets approved in Italy are mandatory at all times while handling a motorcycle and that fines and penalties are issued by the police in case of omission. 1.4 Acting reasonably, MILAN ADVENTURENT reserves the right to refuse to rent the Motorcycle if any of the conditions of this clause 2 are not met. 1.5 Regardless of the level of damage coverage that applies to the MILAN ADVENTURENT rental agreement, there is no coverage for damage or personal injury. 1.6 Until a claim of any party has settled by payment to MILAN ADVENTURENT, the amount of the deductible shall be paid by you.

2.1 You are responsible for: 2.1.1 the loss of: documents, insurance policy, keys, accessories, luggage, clothing and helmets rented for the new value of the same on the date of the Rental. 2.1.2 the payment up to the deductible indicated on the rental agreement , in case of theft or fire of the vehicle, as stated in the insurance conditions of the rented vehicle. 2.1.3 any technical inconvenience of the motor vehicle due to causes attributable to the renter, including accidents with or without contact with third parties, scratches, cuts, dents, breakdowns attributable to the manner of driving or carelessness of the renter, damage suffered in parking areas, natural, socio-political events, vandalism, up to the amount of the commercial value of the vehicle on the date of the end of the rental. Additional insurance is available for damage liability in two levels, called SCDW MID and SCDW HIGH: if you take out SCDW coverages, you will be given a reduction in the maximum amount for damages to your charge. The price is 29€/day for the SCDW MID product and 39€/day for SCDW HIGH, with a minimum of 5 days of applied rate per rental. The maximum amount for damage to the vehicle at its charge will be, for SCDW MID product up to 50% of the market value of the Motorcycle(and accessories) before damage, and up to 25% of the market value of the Motorcycle(and accessories) before damage for SCDW HIGH product. 2.1.4 the payment up to the deductible of 1500 euros, as well as outside the limits of coverage of the vehicle insurance, for all damage to the property of any person, which is caused or contributed to by you or which results from the use of the motorcycle by you or any person whom you authorize to use the motorcycle in the case of subscribing to a multi-rider policy. In the event that such claim is caused by another driver and the multirider policy was not taken out at the time of rental, the liability deductible will be 9500 euros, the other conditions remain unchanged;2.1. 5 the payment of all penalties related to traffic violations, missed, delayed or irregular (for this purpose it is forbidden to associate telepass devices to the vehicle) payments of highway tolls, with the addition of euro 50 for practice fees; 2.1.6 any damage to you, your passengers, your luggage and personal effects.
2.2 In case of theft or fire in order to avail yourself of the insurance terms and conditions you must immediately file a regular report with the police authorities and submit an original copy to MILANO ADVENTURENT within 24 hours. In case of abandonment of the vehicle, theft by stealth, unavailability of the key or starter transponder, or willful misconduct of the same, the Hirer will not be able to avail of the relevant insurance guarantees.
2.3 In case of puncture, the event must be IMMEDIATELY reported to MILAN ADVENTURENT, and any tire repair must be previously reported and authorized by MILAN ADVENTURENT. Extraordinary wear and tear (attributable to negligence) of all motorcycle consumable parts such as tires, brake discs and pads, clutch friction material, steering bearings and bulbs, are the responsibility of the Hirer. It is strictly forbidden to use the rear brake of motorcycles in sport riding or continuously downhill from mountains or hills, current regulations require the use of engine brake. In case the use of the engine brake is deemed insufficient, the front brake should preferentially be used in motorcycles. Any damage from abnormal wear of the rear brake will incur the charge of the cost of disc and pad set, with prices starting from 500 euros and going up depending on the model.    

2.4 MILAN ADVENTURENT agrees to agree to be indemnified under an insurance policy provided by a registered insurer in the event of a third party fault accident, if identified, i.e. not other vehicles owned by MILAN ADVENTURENT. 
In such case, the Hirer agrees to expect the return of the security deposit only upon full settlement of the claim by the third party insurer.
2.5 The Hirer further agrees to the following additional costs and fees:
2.5.1 the cost of replacing tires for any damage not attributable to normal wear and tear;
2.5.2 the cost of repairing damage caused deliberately or recklessly by you, any other driver of the vehicle, or any passenger carried;
2.5.3 the cost of repairing any damage to the Motorcycle or any third party’s property caused by the Hirer’s use of the Motorcycle;
2.5.4 the cost of repairing any water damage to the Motorcycle or any underbody damage, and any damage resulting from such underbody damage.
2.5.5 in the event of seizure or confiscation of the Motorcycle by the Italian law enforcement agencies due to non-compliant conduct of the Hirer, MILAN ADVENTURENT shall charge the Hirer the daily rental fee agreed upon at the time of rental, until the date the vehicle is released by the authorities.
2.6 The amount to be paid for any damage or repair that may be reasonably determined by MILAN ADVENTURENT includes:
2.6.1 the cost of repairs to the motorcycle or the market value of the motorcycle at the time of loss or damage, whichever is less;
2.6.2 appraisal fees;
2.6.3 towing, storage and recovery costs;
2.6.4 reasonable administrative fees reflecting the costs of arrangements for repairs and towing and other administrative activities;
2.6.5 a daily fee for loss of use based on the estimated downtime of the motorcycle.
2.7 In case the Renter needs to request a second evaluation at authorized workshop of the parent company, MILANO ADVENTURENT will tow the vehicle to one of the same, against payment of 300 euro for transportation, to which the costs of damage evaluation by the authorized dealer shall be added.
2.8 If the amount determined by MILAN ADVENTURENT and paid by you under this clause exceeds the final cost of the damage or repair, MILAN ADVENTURENT will reimburse you the difference.
2.9 In case the damage/vehicle damage estimate exceeds the commercial value of the vehicle at the expected date of the end of the rental period, MILAN ADVENTURENT will make – once the total of the additional amount of any collection fees has been collected – if possible due to the regulations in force, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle itself to the renter.

2.10 The Security Bond paid prior to the commencement of the Rental Period is fully refundable provided that:
2.10.1 all amounts due to MILAN ADVENTURENT under the Rental Agreement have been paid;
2.10.2 the Motorcycle has been returned to MILAN ADVENTURENT on the date and time set forth in the Rental Agreement;
2.10.3 there is no visible or alleged damage to the Motorcycle or third party loss;
2.10.4 the Motorcycle is reasonably clean, under penalty of washing cost of euro 18;
2.10.5 the motorcycle has a full tank of fuel;
2.10.6 there has been no violation of these terms and conditions.
3.1 MILAN ADVENTURENT will deliver the motorcycle in good operating condition, with full tank of gasoline and tires in excellent condition or as otherwise stated in contract. By signing the same, you fully accept the condition of the motorcycle.
3.2 Collection and delivery of the vehicle are by appointment only, at the agreed times.
MILAN ADVENTURENT can also deliver and pick up vehicles directly to your hotel or public transportation station, consistent with the type and duration of rental also free of charge. The tolerance will be +- 30 minutes from the vehicle pick-up/delivery time. Any delay or advance not agreed upon will incur a penalty of 35 euros per hour, up to the rental cost of an additional day to the contract price. In case of delay in redelivery and in case the bike is booked by another customer, the renter will lose the full amount of the security deposit paid, at the sole discretion of, this amount may be reduced in case of agreement with the next customer. In the event of the need for pick-up or drop-off outside office hours, a charge starting at euro 19 per event per motorcycle as indicated in additional rates will apply.  

3.3 At the time of pickup, in addition to the security deposit, you will need to settle the rent by cash, credit card, prepaid credit cards, or debit card. Checks, wire transfers, and the security deposit cannot be used to settle the rent.
3.4 The only accepted solution for payment of the security deposit is credit card in the renter’s name, failing which the vehicle will not be delivered, resulting in the loss of the deposit. Upon payment of the security deposit, a photo of the front of the card will be retained. By signing this agreement, the Hirer authorizes Milano Adventurent to charge directly to said credit card any amount that Milano Adventurent needs to withhold for charges against the Hirer incurred during or subsequent to the rental period.
3.5 The security deposit will be returned to the Hirer within 2 business days after the end of the rental period if all conditions of this agreement have been met.
3.6 In the event damages to the vehicle and/or administrative expenses of any kind incurred by MILANOADVENTURENT exceed the value of the security deposit, the Lessee agrees to immediately and fully settle the same, even if the value exceeds the retained security deposit.
3.7 It is necessary to return the motorcycle to MILAN ADVENTURENT:
3.7.1 at the place, date and time indicated in the rental agreement or have it ready for collection by MILAN ADVENTURENT at the place, date and time indicated in the rental agreement;
3.7.2 in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the Rental Period.
3.8 If you return the motorcycle after the time specified in the Rental Agreement or the motorcycle is not ready for pickup from MILAN ADVENTURENT as agreed on the Rental Agreement, you are responsible for all additional rental charges on a daily rate.
3.9 Some of MILAN ADVENTURENT’s vehicles may be equipped with accessories to enhance the user experience of the vehicle. Specifically, luggage supports, engine guard bars, guards, fairings or other accessories by Givi Spa or B-TWO S.r.l.(MyTech) , air or gasoline filters by Guglatech Srl, AirTender by Umbria Kinetics Srl, or other third party accessories such as handlebars, anti-breakage brake levers, etc. In case your rented vehicle is equipped with such accessories you agree to use it in the ways and places specified by the producers of such accessories, relieving MILANO ADVENTURENT from any claim due to any malfunction or interaction of the same. We remind you that the maximum load allowed for suitcases recommended by manufacturers is 5kg per piece for rGivi, 8kg for MyTech, and any damage due to actual or even only presumed overloading is totally at renter’s charge.

3.10 MILAN ADVENTURENT reserves the right to demand the immediate return of the Motorcycle, or MILAN ADVENTURENT may repossess the Motorcycle without notice, at its own expense if any of the following events occur:
3.10.1 You have committed a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions;
3.10.2 damage to the Motorcycle or occurrence of injury to person or property;
3.10.3 the Motorcycle is involved in a dispute;
3.10.4 the Motorcycle is parked illegally and poses a danger to other road users or is exposed to a probable risk of harm;
3.10.5 the Motorcycle is used in violation of any law that constitutes an indictable offense;
3.10.6 The Motorcycle is apparently abandoned.
3.11 You must also pay MILAN ADVENTURENT any costs incurred and all costs and charges under the Rental Agreement for the period until the return / repurchase of the Motorcycle.
3.12 MILAN ADVENTURENT reserves the right to refuse to rent an additional Motorcycle as a result of accidents or where it has committed a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions.
3.13 If the motorcycle is returned early, there is no refund for the unused portion of the Rental Period.
3.14 If you wish to extend the Rental Period beyond the scheduled date and time, you must request MILAN ADVENTURENT authorization. Such authorization must be requested at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled date and time as indicated in the Rental Agreement, in case of delay in the return not communicated, in addition to the charge of additional rental fee, no more than 8h will be waited, after this time MILANO ADVENTURENT will immediately report the theft of the motorcycle to the proper authorities.
3.15 Vehicle tracking:
                     Some vehicles may be equipped with tracking devices to locate them in case of theft, accident, off-road or non-compliant use, or non-delivery. The gps data are treated with the utmost confidentiality by the staff of Milano Adventurent.
                     The renter agrees to notify MILAN ADVENTURENT of any slightest impact or fall that occurred to the vehicle within 4 hours of the event, to avoid false GPS alarms.
                     Also in case of accident, damage, malfunction or any other case, it is explicitly forbidden to abandon the vehicle without MILANO ADVENTURENT’s authorization. This will result in the charge of a penalty of 2000 euro plus the costs of recovering the vehicle, whether GPS detector is present or not. It is reminded that whatever the cause of the vehicle stop, after contacting the assistances of the respective motorcycle companies, it remains anyway and always the sole responsibility of the renter to return the vehicle to MILANO ADVENTURENT headquarters. 
3.16 Other penalties:
3.16.1 Loss of keys: from 300 euro upwards, depending on the motorcycle model.
3.16.2 Loss or damage or theft of license plate: 600 euros.
3.16.3 Failure to refuel: Assumed cost of refueling, plus 20 euros.
3.16.4 Loss, theft or damage motorcycle documents or insurance policy: 250 euros

Where use of the motorcycle by you or any other person causes an accident or claim, or in the event of damage or loss (including theft of the motorcycle) sustained by the motorcycle or any third party property, you must:
4.1 promptly report such accident by telephone and thereafter transmit or physically bring to MILAN ADVENTURENT (within a maximum of 12 hours) the CID statement or law enforcement report;
4.2 Without the written consent of MILAN ADVENTURENT, DO NOT make or give any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release, indemnity or admission of liability;
4.3 Collect in detail Names and Surnames of all parties involved, license plate numbers, names, numbers and expiration dates of insurance policies of counterparties and names, surnames and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
4.4 Complete and provide MILAN ADVENTURENT within a reasonable time any statement, information or assistance that MILAN ADVENTURENT or its insurer may reasonably request, including attendance at an attorney’s office and at the Court to testify.
5.         UNAUTHORIZED AND PROHIBITED USE – For the duration of the rental agreement, MILAN ADVENTURENT’S VEHICLE shall not be used:
5.1 While you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or with a blood alcohol content or level of drugs in your blood exceeds the legal limit in the state where the motorcycle is being driven(please note that inItaly the blood alcohol limit for motorcycle driving is ZERO). You must not do or take anything that will adversely affect your ability to operate the motorcycle;
5.2 on unpaved or off-road roads, including “white roads”, gravel or any other surface except asphalt, except with prior written authorization from MILANO ADVENTURENT at the beginning of the rental and upon purchase of the off-road driving option. Failure to comply with these provisions will incur the loss of the full amount of the security deposit, as well as payment for any damages found. Appropriate tires must be fitted for these provisions; the only exceptions allowed are parking in unpaved areas used for parking, and tourist parking lots, for moderate speed parking operations only.
5.3 by persons other than those identified in the rental agreement, unless additional driver option is signed;
5.4 to push or tow another vehicle, trailer, boat or any other object;
5.5 to carry more than 1 passenger (where permitted by the class of license) and/or a load greater than that permitted by law;
5.6 to carry passengers for payment or reward of any kind;
5.7 to carry animals or pets;
5.8 outside the states listed on the green card insurance policy if purchased the green card option, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of booking;
5.9 to carry flammable or other explosive or corrosive substances;
5.10 to carry goods or sports equipment on the motorcycle;
5.11 in a manner and/or for purposes other than those for which the Motorcycle was designed and built;
5.12 for any illegal purpose, race, competition or performance test of any kind;
5.13 on beaches or across streams, rivers, creeks, dams, floods, or through snow, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, if on guided tours and otherwise assuming all risk relating to damage to the vehicle;
5.14 when damaged or unsafe;
5.15 performing paid work such as food delivery or courier services;

6. USE OF THE MOTORCYCLE 6.1 The rental is strictly for the time period indicated and late fees will be charged for late returns. If the motorcycle is returned late, you remain subject to all these terms and conditions. 6.2 The kilometers included are described in the rental agreement, any excess will be counted as per the rental agreement. 6.3 MILAN ADVENTURENT is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, close to these dates, the minimum rate applicable will be the one that includes the entire closing period. Exceptionally, it will be possible to deliver or collect a vehicle with an additional fee, at the discretion and availability of MILANO ADVENTURENT. 6.4 A one-way trip is only permitted with the prior written approval of MILANO ADVENTURENT and any resulting costs incurred by MILANO ADVENTURENT for the shipment or return of the Motorcycle to Milan will be at your expense (the price can be quoted on request). 6.5 Long-term rental: 6.5.1 In the event that the Motorcycle is rented for a prolonged period and requires the replacement of any tires or the possible execution of a service scheduled in the Rental Period, it is necessary to provide full assistance to MILANO ADVENTURENT to organize this service; 6.5.2 all costs directly related to such works under this clause will be paid by MILANO ADVENTURENT directly to the service provider (where possible) or (if not) reimbursed to you upon presentation of valid receipts; 6.5.3 the service provider, item choices and location are at the sole discretion of MILANO ADVENTURENT; 6.5.4 MILANO ADVENTURENT must be advised at the time of booking (in writing) which mileage forecast is to be covered during the Rental Period, in order to prepare the motorcycle in the best possible way. 6.6 The supply of helmets and clothing will be based on the sizes communicated by the customer. In case of non-communication during the booking phase, the availability of clothing of the correct size is not guaranteed. 6.7 You are responsible for any unauthorized repairs to the motorcycle and for all parking and traffic violations relating to the motorcycle during the rental period. 6.8 Fuel:
6.8.1 A higher quality unleaded fuel (95 octane) must be used in the motorcycle as a minimum; 6.8.2 You are responsible and must pay for any damage caused by the use of incorrect fuel; 6.8.3 The motorcycle is equipped with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank of fuel. An administrative fee of € 20, plus the cost of fuel, will be charged if the motorcycle is returned without a full tank. 6.9 You agree to take reasonable care of the motorcycle during the rental period and: 6.9.1 to operate appropriately and responsibly at all times; 6.9.2 to prevent anyone who is not an authorized driver from using or taking possession of the motorcycle, unless the free ride option is purchased. 6.9.3 You agree not to act in an offensive manner while riding the motorcycle. 6.10 It is forbidden to use the motorcycle in any event on the track, off-road track or closed circuit, under penalty of the full loss of the security deposit, in addition to the charge for any damage to the vehicle. 7. FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS Before the start of the Rental Period:

7.1 It is necessary to pay MILANO ADVENTURENT the estimated cost of the rental rate; 7.2 on the day of collection of the motorcycle, a pre-authorization will be requested on the credit card for the amount of the guarantee title as indicated in the rental agreement. 7.3 At the end of the Rental Period, it is necessary to pay MILANO ADVENTURENT: 7.3.1 all outstanding expenses specified in the rental agreement and all expenses due under the MILANO ADVENTURENT rental agreement; 7.3.2 any amount paid or payable by MILANO ADVENTURENT or by you to any person resulting from the use of the motorcycle or imposed on you or MILANO ADVENTURENT by any government authority or other competent authority, such as speeding, parking and fines, tolls or any other violation or problems of penalties in relation to the use of the motorcycle by the user (to this end we remind you that the verification costs are sometimes very expensive, and by communicating this promptly to MILANO ADVENTURENT you can get discounts on the penalties) ; 7.3.3 any amount for which the Lessor is subject to MILANO ADVENTURENT pursuant to the Rental Agreement, in relation to a breach of the MILANO ADVENTURENT Rental Agreement or otherwise. 7.4 Where required by law, MILANO ADVENTURENT will transmit your data to any governmental or other authority, and will issue an invoice relating to this service. The nominative communication fee following fines has a cost of € 50, in addition to the amount of the fine and notification costs. 7.5 By accepting the MILANO ADVENTURENT Rental Agreement, you authorize MILANO ADVENTURENT to debit your credit card or debit account for all sums due to MILANO ADVENTURENT pursuant to the Rental Agreement within a reasonable period after the end of the Rental Period. You can pay by cash, bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard. Any exchange rates are not within the control of MILANO ADVENTURENT.

7.6 MILANO ADVENTURENT will pay any refunds due to you by the method that MILANO ADVENTURENT may choose within a reasonable time. 7.7 MILANO ADVENTURENT will not reimburse the rental costs if the mechanical damage is caused by improper use or abuse of the motorcycle. You will remain responsible for the rental costs for the remainder of the unused Rental Period together with all repair costs, spare parts and costs for canceling or postponing the rental of the Motorcycle to future customers due to its unavailability. 7.8 MILANO ADVENTURENT also reserves the right to charge for hidden damages that can be found up to 7 days following the return of the vehicle. 7.9 If you are unable to pay MILANO ADVENTURENT any amount due under the MILANO ADVENTURENT Rental Agreement, you must also: 7.9.1 pay MILANO ADVENTURENT interest on this overdue amount calculated at the rate of 10% per annum and starting 7 days after the date on which the amount due has expired in favor of MILANO ADVENTURENT and ends on the payment date of all amounts due; And 7.9.2 pay the reasonable costs and charges incurred by MILANO ADVENTURENT to recover or attempt to recover such overdue amount, including collection or debit fees, fees and any legal fees. 8. RESERVATION AND CANCELLATION 8.1 Upon booking, a deposit of 100% of the daily rent excluding accessories and mileage will be required, which can be conferred by credit card or bank transfer. 8.2 All rental changes must be made in writing. The following cancellation fee structure applies: 8.2.1 30% of the total rent, applies if the cancellation is made 60 days before the start of the Rental Period; 8.2.2 50% of the total rent, applies if the cancellation is made 30 days before the start of the Rental Period; 8.2.3 100% of the total rent, applies if the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the start of the Rental Period. In some cases, at the sole discretion of MILANO ADVENTURENT, it may be possible to use the deposit paid to make a new rental during the current calendar year, provided that the total rent is greater than or equal to that relating to the cancellation. request.

8.3 Date changes will be considered equal to cancellations, except for different agreements during the booking phase and / or at the sole discretion of MILANO ADVENTURENT. 8.4 In the event of unavailability of the vehicle booked due to force majeure, an accident during the previous rental or other reason not attributable to MILANO ADVENTURENT, it will provide the Renter with a motorcycle of a category equal to or higher than that envisaged. If it is not to the satisfaction of the renter, he can also choose one of a lower category, in this case, the rental fee will remain that agreed upon during the booking. In case of unavailability of a vehicle of the same or higher category, a vehicle of the available category will be offered, with tariff adjustment. In none of the above situations it will in any way be possible to return the deposit paid by rescinding the contract. In the unlikely and unforeseeable event that there are no alternatives available, MILAN ADVENTURENT will refund the full amount paid, without any further claim that can be made by the Lessor. 8.5 The pick-up and drop-off times are Mon-Fri 09: 00-17: 30. In the other time slots the following additional rates are provided: delivery or collection of the vehicle out of hours 8: 00-9: 00 or 17: 30-19: 00 Mon-Fri + € 19; Saturday 8: 00-10: 00 + € 29; all other times + € 99. 8.6 Further additional fees: European vehicle insurance document € 10 / day. Special saddles 10 € / day. Extra driver € 15 / day with a minimum of € 60. Rigid suitcases 5 € / day / per suitcase. Off-road use 100% of the total rental cost (only available on some models); for other accessories, see prices displayed on site. 9. MAINTENANCE

9.1 Carry out a visual inspection of the entire motorcycle every day before use, including checking the condition of the front and rear tires (pressure and wear), all lights, horn, front and rear brake operation, engine oil, lubrication of the chain and dashboard for any warning lights. The mileage of our chains are recorded and in any case always well below half the estimated average life of the same, for rentals lasting longer than the weekend it will be supplied without any additional cost of the chain lubricant. For journeys over 300km / day it is advisable to lubricate the chain every evening. Costs of towing, repairs, vehicle stops, and any other problem related to the breakage of the transmission chain will be the sole responsibility of the Lessor; 9.2 keep the motorcycle safe and the keys under personal control at all times and do not leave the motorcycle unlocked and unattended at any time; 9.3 comply with all road laws of the states in which you drive; 9.4 use the alarm (if equipped) to protect the motorcycle from theft; 9.5 If any warning lights remain on, contact MILANO ADVENTURENT immediately to discuss the actions to be taken.

9.6 In the unlikely and unpredictable event in which assistance is required for any mechanical problems or difficulties with the Motorcycle or if it is involved in an accident or is damaged or stolen, you must immediately contact MILANO ADVENTURENT. 9.7 MILANO ADVENTURENT will assist you in the event of a towing or repair or change of the motorcycle, however MILANO ADVENTURENT does not guarantee that it will be able to repair or replace the motorcycle during the Rental Period as the replacement is always subject to the availability and distances of the Lessor. MILANO ADVENTURENT must be assisted with any solution it may use to repair or collect the motorcycle or its replacement. In any case, MILANO ADVENTURENT will not be responsible for any delays, costs, damages or losses due to breakdowns, accidents or theft of the Motorcycle and will not be required to reimburse the remaining Rental Period unless MILANO ADVENTURENT itself decides. MILAN ADVENTURENT recommends taking out travel insurance for this purpose. 9.8 You will not carry out repairs to the motorcycle unless MILANO ADVENTURENT expressly authorizes you to do so. MILANO ADVENTURENT requires verification of the cost of repairs for control and management purposes. An original invoice must be obtained to provide it to MILANO ADVENTURENT. MILANO ADVENTURENT will reimburse you for any repairs to the Motorcycle authorized by MILANO ADVENTURENT in the proportion of the costs approved by MILANO ADVENTURENT. The cost of repairs not verified by MILANO ADVENTURENT cannot be refunded. 9.9 If the motorcycle has mechanical difficulties, MILANO ADVENTURENT must be fully serviced to deliver the motorcycle to a safe and secure location approved by MILANO ADVENTURENT. 9.10 If mechanical difficulties (eg low battery, fuel, improper use, etc.) or damage are caused by the renter, an intervention cost plus any costs incurred for assistance will be applied. 10. LIABILITY, INDEMNITY AND RISK

10.1 MILANO ADVENTURENT will not be responsible in any way for damages or refunds of any kind due to road accidents, vehicle malfunctions, delays or unavailability of the vehicle for reasons not attributable to MILANO ADVENTURENT. 10.2 You fully understand and acknowledge that being on a Motorcycle can be dangerous and may expose you or others to potential injury or death and that MILANO ADVENTURENT is unable to control the way other motorists drive or act and unreservedly accepts this risk. 10.3 You acknowledge that you have been strongly advised by MILANO ADVENTURENT to take out personal travel insurance. 11. PRIVACY – We remind you that acceptance of the processing of personal data is mandatory for the purpose of the rental, and without it, we will not be able to proceed with the delivery of the vehicle. 11.1 We collect your personal data for various purposes: 11.1.1 To check the data relating to driving license, passport, identity card and payment cards 11.1.2 To provide you with the rental service 11.1.3 Send information about our promotions, products and services 11.1.4 Check and improve our service 11.1.5 Communicate with the police and / or embassies in case of need 11.2 We may need to communicate your data to: 11.2.1 Law enforcement agencies 11.2.2 Managers of car parks, highways, municipalities or debt collection companies, if we believe they have the right within the terms of the law to request your data. 11.2.3 Third parties, in case of need for checks regarding theft, accidents or to collect amounts relating to damages or non-payments. 11.3 The customer has the right to have free access to his personal data and to request its modification, cancellation or blocking. The customer has the right to know the methods of acquisition and verify that they comply with the privacy legislation in force. To access this data please contact us through our contact details on the rental agreement.

12. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. MILANO ADVENTURENT will have the right to terminate this contract, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, in case of use of the vehicle by the Customer not in accordance with the provisions herein. The Customer, in turn, will have the right to terminate this contract, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, in the event that the vehicle and related equipment indicated in this contract are not suitable for the agreed use. 13. REFERENCE LEGISLATION and JURISDICTION. Anything not specified in this contract will be governed by the Italian legislation in force on the matter at the time of signing it. The parties undertake to mutually respect existing regulations. In the event of disputes, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction. Translation in different languages ​​is purely indicative, the Italian version will prevail in the event of a dispute. Milan,


The Renter / The Driver





The Renter / The Driver




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