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We’re ready to suggest the best routes and support you before, during and after your rental, to give you the best possible experience for your vacation. Need more? In addition to renting bikes in optimal conditions, we work with the best tour operators, travel organizers and tour leaders in Italy, in other words, we can arrange everything for you, you just have to sit back and enjoy the road and the landscape.

Rent new and perfect motorcycles.

Our bikes are like new, in perfect conditions, extensively equipped, and we guarantee you’ll find crashbars. We change tires way often than any other motorcycle rental in Milan.

Driving in safety

We are deeply convinced that safety comes before the fun, and precisely because of this we have equipped our bikes with many accessories, such as engine guards and skid plates, designed to improve safety and limit damages both in travel and in case of a fall. We are also the only rental which uses only aluminium panniers. No extra costs for minor pannierboot scratches like in other rentals in Milan. We have ready for you vehicles for license A or rent motorcycle license A2. If you need so, we also have big scooters, you will need A motorcycle license for it.

We are at your service

Our bikes are ready for both asphalt and light gravel roads (with surcharge). If you want a specific configuration or tire, let us know in advance and we will make sure to meet your request. We can also rent motorcycles for A2 and A3 exams to holders of the italian auth (required specific subscription fee).

Support 24/7

Non siamo un semplice noleggio moto a Milano: conosciamo i migliori itinerari, ti supportiamo prima, durante e dopo il noleggio e ti offriamo la migliore esperienza di sempre. Per iniziare collaboriamo con i migliori tour operator, organizzatori di viaggi e tour leader in Italia. Infine possiamo organizzare tutto per te e il tuo unico pensiero sarà goderti il viaggio.


Our bikes come with engine guards, roof racks, phone mounts, chain and tires in perfect condition. We specifically set up the configuration you need to fully enjoy your ride. Renting a motorcycle in Milan means to easily reach the Alps, Tuscany, and get quickly to neighboring European countries, or plan a fantastic tour of Tunisia or Morocco.


Easy access from Malpensa International Airport and the city center. We are located at the edge of AREA B, close to the main commercial and tourist areas. Milan is the perfect starting point to rent a motorcycle and leave for an infinite number of wonderful destinations that will remain indelible in your heart.


For rentals, minimum weekly, we can deliver the bikes at your hotel the night before the rental. In the morning you will be ready to drive without wasting time on paperwork. With a little extra, we can also deliver and receive the vehicle 24h or in the weekend!


We make it a point to rent only the best motorcycles, the most comfortable, sought-after, famous and reliable for tourism and adventure. With us you can rent in Milan the latest versions of the most coveted motorcycles, equipped with the best accessories on the market.

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Milano Adventurent Srl
Phone: +39 348 9278331
Showroom: Via Gallarate, 122
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20151 Milan – Italy

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Milano Adventurent Srl
Phone: +39 348 9278331
Showroom: Via Gallarate, 122
Registered office: Via Venezuela, 10
20151 (MI) – Italy
P.Iva 10886980969

Terms and Conditions


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